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LHESS-18 & LBMCSR-2018


Prof. Dr. Jiri Strouhal
Dr. Hemant Kumar P. Bulsara

ISBN - 978-93-86878-13-7


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1T’s of Stress and What HELPED in Coping: Understanding the Stress and Coping Strategies of the Pioneer Teachers in the Grade 11 of the K to 12 Curriculum
Lucille Y. Dominguez, Kara S. Panolong, Juvelyn D. Paleyan, Frechette Calya-en-Seset, Ana K. Bat-on and Jane Aglasi-Liccod
2The Analysis of Space Semiotic in Colonial Building Area Depok
Azkia Rostiani Rahman
3Children Working in the Informal Sector: A Case Study of Child Workers at Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta
Arif Syaripudin
4Bureaucracy Reform: The Low Performance of Goverment Bureaucracy in the Perspektive of Public Service in Indonesia
Heri Kurniawansyah HS
5Enhancing Students' Learning Independence and Learning Achievement in Mathematics through Problem Posing Learning: An Action Research Study
Heni Lilia Dewi
6Analysis of using Animal Elements in English Proverbs
Andra Ade Riyanto
7Customized E-Learning Mobile Application with Student Involvement in 2016
Piya Techateerawat
8Keys to Success in Conducting Science Project: A Case Study of High School Winner from the Science Project Contest in Thailand
Nunthicha Bunlaead, Narisara Peungposop and Wilailak Langka
9Indigenous Religion in Education and Public Life: Case Study of Permalim and Sunda Wiwitan
10Self-Management Community: A Case Study for Procedures of Association to Solve Living-Land Problem in Puetudom Subdistrict, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand
Darunsak Tatiyalapa, Ruetai Sumniengsanoh and Chaded Khotcharit
11Effect of Gross Motor Activity on Self-Regulation of Preschool Children
Luthfatun Nisa’ and Wuri Wuryandani
12Exploring the Contemporary Visual Usages of Chinese Character Aesthetics: A Perspective from Aesthetic Economy
Bowan Zhang
13Design and Development of Teaching Tools in Dimensional Geometry for Visually Impaired Students Using Object Models from 3D Printing
Nachaphan Junthong, Suchapa Netpradit and Surapon Boonlue
14A Need of Agricultural Students at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang for Developing u-Learning based on Flipped Classroom Concept
Kulachai Kultawanich and Nutthakorn Songkram
15Intergenerational Variation in the Perceptions of Korean Monster Dokkaebi
Mikyung Bak
16The Provision of Rest Areas on Non-Toll Roads in Indonesia through Corporate Social Responsibiliy
Hendra Hendrawan and Winni Sharfina